Gamescom 2016


VAMPYR Gameplay Demo Walkthrough

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Jonathan Reid is a man returned home from the War. A high ranking surgeon, Reid implements new blood transfusion techniques to save lives. One night, Jonathan Reid regains consciousness in a mass gave. The memories of his life and who he is remain in intact, but, he realizes he's been transformed into a vampire. He has no recollection of how he came to be in the grave or how he was transformed


Prey – Gamescom 2016 Gameplay Teaser Video


What awaits you aboard Talos I? See the newest gameplay teaser for Prey, revealed at QuakeCon 2016


Dishonored 2 – Gamescom 2016 Gameplay Video


After showing a bloody, brutal gameplay demo at QuakeCon 2016 featuring the game’s original assassin, Corvo Attano, Arkane Studios moved the spotlight back onto to Empress Emily Kaldwin, the game’s newest assassin. See some new highlights of both Corvo and Emily in action in the new gameplay video


Nioh - gamescom gameplay trailer (beta demo)


In the dark, fantasy action RPG Nioh, players will traverse war-torn Japan as William, a blonde-haired swordsman whose background as a fierce warrior and seasoned knowledge of the blade allows him to survive in the demon-plagued land of the samurai. Players will face off against other samurai in epic sword battles and intense, multi-target engagements offering a level of difficulty that will truly test even the most hardened samurai’s skills, patience, and strategy


BRUCE - Gamescom 2016 teaser


BRUCE - a 2,5D action packed, "Sin City" inspired, noir game set in a dark city of future


Tyranny - "Creating a World", Dev Diary 1

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This is the first in a three-part video series about Tyranny, the upcoming role-playing game (RPG) for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. This video allow fans a rare look behind the scenes at Obsidian, featuring interviews and insights from the design team behind Tyranny as the developers share what it means to play in a realm where evil has conquered the known world, with looks at the level of effort and writing that have gone into creating such a reactive game. In this first of three installments, gamers everywhere will meet the lead designers of Tyranny and learn how the game’s concept came to be – and get a sneak peek at what is to come as they experience the game for themselves


Riverbond - Reveal Trailer


Riverbond is an action adventure game by Cococucumber set in a mysterious and charming voxel world


ГВИНТ: ВЕДЬМАК ▪ КАРТОЧНАЯ ИГРА || Присоединяйтесь к бета-тесту


Сыграйте в любимейшую карточную игру вселенной «Ведьмака»! В ГВИНТЕ вам предстоит сразиться с друзьями в стремительных поединках: вам придется моментально принимать решения, блефовать и при этом внимательно собирать колоду.


The Sexy Brutale - Teaser


„Ein mörderischer Maskenball, der nicht endet“ – Das Adventure-Puzzle-Spiel „The Sexy Brutale” ist die erste Koproduktion der Machern von RiME, Tequila Works, und dem neuen englischen Entwickler Cavalier Game Studios.


Tower 57 - gameplay trailer


Luck is measured by ammo capacity


Aragami - Shadow Techniques Gameplay


Aragami is a stealth game in which you play as an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016


CD Projekt Red drops by to show us a few rounds of Gwent


12 Minutes of Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay - Gamescom 2016

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Check out awesome new gameplay of Shadow Warrior 2 from Gamescom 2016.


Okhlos - Launch Trailer


Squeeze into your toga and slide on your sandals to rally the angry mobs of Okhlos and bring down the oppressive god of mythological Greece! Your beloved people will not longer stand for the abuse from their deities and take up arms against them and taking down anything and everything in their path. Topple the beastly minotaur, bring down sacred temples, and confront the almighty Olympians themselves while recruiting and balancing your unruly mob with warriors, peasants, slaves and even livestock in their quest for freedom from Mount Olympus! It’s total anarchy in the birthplace of democracy!


Shiness - Gamescom Trailer


The Action-RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom unveils its Gamescom Trailer!


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Launch Trailer

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We were all created equal… But in 2029, after the Aug incident which caused the death of millions, mankind stands divided. The oppression of the mechanically augmented has created a climate of fear and resentment, resulting in an escalation of crime and acts of terror. Amid all the chaos, Adam Jensen goes after are the Illuminati, the men and women responsible for tearing the world apart. Armed with a new arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons and augmentations, he must choose the right approach, along with who to trust, in order to unravel a vast worldwide conspiracy.


Agony Gameplay Demo Walkthrough

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Agony is a first-person survival horror game currently in development. Players will begin their journey as tormented soul within the depths of hell without any memories about his past


Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 - Developer Commentary


Learn how missions can be played in different ways from the game's developers


For Honor – How New Heroes Play Different Roles on the Battlefield

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With 12 new Heroes entering the fray in For Honor, Dominion Mode just got deadlier. Learn how the new Heroes mix things up, how you can customize your character, and how the Revenge mechanic can turn the tide when you’re outnumbered. Be sure to watch in 4k60 for the best quality.


World of Tanks Blitz. Официальный трейлер для Gamescom 2016


Запах стали, пыл сражений и нескончаемый заряд настоящего танкового экшена.


Prey Developer Interview


Bethesda's Prey reboot isn't a sequel, but shares one of the original's biggest themes


Sea of Thieves | Live from Gamescom!


Graeme, Benny and Ellen are on a swashbuckling adventure in Sea of Thieves, live from Gamescom 2016


Drone Swarm - gamescom 16 Trailer


evolve your swarm


Monster Boy - Gamescom 2016 Trailer: The Power of Six!


Combine the power of 6 different characters to lift the curse of Monster World kingdom


FIFA 17 Official Gameplay Trailer


FOOTBALL IS BACK and it's Powered by Frostbite!


Outlast 2 - new gameplay from Gamescom 2016!


Ready to be scared? Outlast is back and more terrifying than ever. Dare you watch this gameplay from Gamescom 2106?


Little Nightmares - Deep Below the Waves Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC


LITTLE NIGHTMARES presents a grim shadow-filled adventure through an interactive storyline, outstanding sound design, and a unique art-style that is sure to deliver eerie chills and goosebumps. Players will discover that LITTLE NIGHTMARES blurs the lines between dreams and nightmares as they explore The Maw in an effort to escape its nightmarish confines


Space Hulk: Deathwing - Gamescom


Dark Angels' Battle Hymn of Vengeance


Get Even - Announcement Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC


With Cole Black's memory lost, his job is to find out why a teenage girl has a bomb strapped to her chest. GET EVEN’s twisted tale will have players questioning their perceptions of reality and the true meaning of justice as they unravel the mystery of how Cole ended up in the asylum and the fate of that teenage girl. GET EVEN will deliver an unparalleled sense of immersion through the use of Auro-3D acoustics technology from Auro Technologies.


SGW3 Official Gameplay Trailer - 3 Pillars


Go behind enemy lines with the ultimate modern military shooter. Choose your own path to accomplish your missions across an unforgiven open world


For Honor - Трейлер фракций


Викинги, Самураи, Рыцари. Узнайте о каждой из 3 фракций. Из трейлера вы узнаете, за что они сражаются.


Watch Dogs 2 - Трейлер сетевой игры


В новом трейлере Watch Dogs 2 узнайте все о сетевой игре.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Gamescom 2016


Siege Defence Gameplay


Yooka-Laylee - Gamescom 2016 Trailer


The latest look at Yooka-Laylee, the next 3D platformer from key creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country!


Metal Gear Survive Official Trailer


The first post-Kojima Metal Gear is a co-op survival game set in an alternate universe


South Park: The Fractured but Whole – трейлер игрового процесса


Смотрите трейлер геймплея South Park: The Fractured But Whole и узнайте о новых игровых особенностях


Resident Evil 7 biohazard - "Lantern" Gameplay Trailer


Something’s strange at the old plantation house – new “found footage” gameplay surfaces for Resident Evil 7 biohazard.


Gears of War 4 - 4K Gameplay Debut


In this short gameplay demo through the ""Rescue"" chapter of Gears of War 4, our heroes JD, Kait and Del are chasing an unknown enemy through an old fort. Along the way, they encounter two fierce Swarm enemies - Drones and Pouncers - for the first time.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Recap (Part 2)


Вторая часть Story Recap по Deus Ex: Human Revolution



синематик из Mafia III

На пути к власти над Нью-Бордо мафия отняла так много у столь многих... Когда Линкольн Клей вернулся из Вьетнама, у него не оставалось ничего, кроме семьи. Но одна ночь изменила все.


The Surge - Gamescom Gameplay


The Surge: Watch 15 minutes of upcoming visceral action RPG. The Surge releases in 2017


ReCore Gamescom Gameplay Trailer


Presenting ReCore, an Xbox one & Windows 10 EXCLUSIVE Join Joule Adams as she leads a group of Corebot companions on an adventure to save mankind in the dangerous world of Far Eden.


Silence - Gamescom Trailer 2016


War rages on. During an air raid, 16 year old Noah and his little sister Renie seek shelter in a bunker. There, not only are they protected from the deadly bombardment, but are also at the crossroads of a world between life and death: Silence. When Noah’s sister gets lost in Silence, he is forced to venture into this idyllic yet threatening world to find her. Silence, however, bears its own scars of war and suffering. Dark creatures haunt towns and cities and ravage this once serene place between worlds. Only a small band of rebels stands against the looming menace. Now it is up to the siblings to save Silence and its fantastic inhabitants from impending doom and thus also save their own lives. Join Noah and Renie on their exciting journey through Silence where an emotionally gripping story of contrasts between serenity and danger unfolds. Meet fascinating and likeable characters like Spot, the magical caterpillar who helps Noah and Renie on their way through Silence. And witness when the siblings discover that the only thing that can save them is their love for each other. Silence will be released in Q4 2016 for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One™ and Playstation 4™.


Seasons After Fall - Gamescom Trailer


Seasons After Fall is a 2D puzzle-adventure game that will let you dive into a captivating universe and explore a land governed by magic and nature. As a wild fox you are sent on a perilous journey aided only by your ability to change the seasons at will, manipulating a gorgeous 2D world backed by an enchanting live string quartet.


Badass Hero gamescom 2016 Trailer


Badass Hero is a roquelite platformer shooter set in a comic book universe. The game features fast-paced hit and run gameplay, procedural generation of levels and random items that make every playthrough different! All in extremely polished, modern and high-resolution 2D art. In Badass Hero you shoot enemies with various guns while avoiding projectiles, traps and obstacles. Collect ink from defeated enemies to upgrade your hero. Play dynamically and aggressively and take risks like a badass to get greater rewards! Stay focused at all times or you'll die sooner than you think. Become proficient with your character's skills and master each enemy to succeed!


The Final Station - Year 106 Trailer | PS4


It's been 106 years since the First Visitation. Fortunately, you still have your trusty locomotive to get around the dying world of The Final Station.


Nine Parchments – Announcement Trailer | PS4


Nine Parchments is a co-operative blast'em up game of magic mayhem from Frozenbyte! A group of drop-out wizard apprentices decide to skip their training for a quick path to the Nine Parchments. As the wannabe wizards rapidly discover powerful new spells and ignore all safety aspects, it's natural that their hasty progress results in lots of unwanted deaths...


Mafia III | The World of New Bordeaux Gameplay Video Series | #1 – City Districts

видео из Mafia III

In 1971, the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence interviewed John Donovan, CIA handler for Lincoln Clay during his prolonged stint in Vietnam. The Donovan tapes pull back the veil on the seedy underbelly of crime and corruption that plagued the sprawling city under the control of the Italian Mafia. In the first of six tapes, Donovan explains what lay beneath each of the New Bordeaux’s ten distinct districts.


Doodle Devil - Gameplay Trailer | PS4


Embrace your dark side! While Doodle God was creating the universe, Doodle Devil was also having some fun. The same addictive, puzzle game play that made Doodle God a hit is back but with an evil twist.


Titanfall 2 Single Player Gameplay Quick Look


More Titanfall 2 Single Player Gameplay moments from the upcoming game from Respawn Entertainment. With a new single player campaign that explores the unique bond between man and machine, and backed by a deeper multiplayer experience fans have been asking for, Titanfall 2 delivers fast-paced action brimming with inventive twists.


How we made Minecraft for Virtual Reality

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Minecraft в VR доступен! 15 августа 2016 года вышло бесплатное обновление для Minecraft Windows 10 Edition beta, которое позволяет взглянуть на мир Minecraft через Oculus Rift


Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Recap (Part 1)


Brush up on the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011, PC/PS3/Xbox 360) with our video recap, before the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on August 23rd on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!


Official Destiny – The Collection Trailer | PS4


Вся сага Destiny, включая последнюю главу, Rise of Iron, доступна 20 сентября 2016 года в Destiny – The Collection


Hob: The World in Sound | PS4

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Kochun Hu, дизайнер звука в Hob, рассказывает о создании мира игры из повседневных звуков. Как звучит неизвестная планета? Как превратить одни звуки в другие? …


Fallout 4 – официальный ролик Nuka-World

геймплей из Fallout 4

Почему бы вам не взять билет на Ядер-поезд и не отправиться в парк развлечений Nuka-World? Это самое любимое место для проведения отпуска американцев! Веселье начнется 30 августа для владельцев Xbox One, PlayStation 4 и PC


Battlefield 1 Official Gamescom Gameplay Trailer


Лошади, танки, элитные солдаты в броне — всё это в новом трейлере Battlefield 1. Поиграть на пустынной карте можно будет 21 августа в рамках программы Battlefield Insider