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Harpy Egg

Doomed, *Deathwish

A harpy egg omelet - a delicious delicacy, good sir. Quite dear, too, for as you might surmise, the wretches don't part with their eggs willingly.

When Consumed, boost Consuming unit by 4. Deathwish: Spawn a Harpy Hatchling on a random row.

Harpy Hatchling
Harpy Hatchling

Beast, Doomed

No ability.


Griffin, False Ciri, Rotfiend, Archespore, Olgierd von Everec, Sabrina Glevissig, Maerolorn, Nekker, Brewess: Ritual, Kambi, Prize-Winning Cow, Iris von Everec, D'ao, Wilhelm, Wilfred, Wilmar, Lord of Undvik, Harpy Egg

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Gwent v0.9.24