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Weavess: Incantation

Relict, Mage

I sense your pain. I see your fear.

Choose One: Strengthen all your other Relicts in hand, deck, and on board by 2; or Play a Bronze or Silver Relict from your deck and Strengthen it by 2.


Fiend, Iris' Companions, Sarah, Johnny, Brewess, Weavess, Whispering Hillock, Whispess, Whispess: Tribute, Morvudd, Woodland Spirit, Caretaker, Maerolorn, Weavess: Incantation, Aguara, Brewess: Ritual, Dudu, Aguara: True Form, Gaunter O'Dimm, Chort, Adda: Striga

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Gwent v0.9.24